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Pipefy offers three different types of company permissions: admin, member and guest. 

Guest users are available in the business and enterprise plans and they're not charged as new members of your company.

What is a guest user?

Users with guest permissions can only access the start form of public pipes to create cards. They can't view or edit any cards, even the ones they created.

Attention! Guest users can't be added to any of your company's pipes. 

Whenever they're added to a pipe (with any pipe permission) they'll become company members (and, therefore, generate an additional charge to your company's plan).

How to add a guest user?

Adding users as guests is really simple. The first thing you need to do is open your company dashboard and click on "manage members" in the upper right corner of the screen.

A small window will open where you must add the guest members' email addresses and click on "Add". 

The initial screen shows three fields to add the emails but if you're adding more than three users, simply click on "Add another team member" to open more fields.

After adding all emails, you'll select the "guest" permission. To do so, click on the permission next to the users' email addresses and select "Guest (free)".

After selecting the guest permission, click on "Invite" in the bottom right of the screen and that's it, your users have all been added as guests! 

Important! Don't forget that guest users can't be added to pipes, with any permission level! 

Guest users can only access the start form of public pipes to create new cards. Whenever you add a guest user to any of your pipes, its company permission is automatically changed to member and he/she becomes a paid user.

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