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What are field conditionals?

Users in the Business and Enterprise plans can add field conditionals (conditional logic) to their pipe's forms and phases to display or hide other fields according to the value in other fields.

A simple example of a situation in which field conditionals can be used is when you have a multiple-choice field (such as a radio, checklist, or select) in which users can select the top reason why they love your company.

Using field conditionals you can set up a scenario that establishes that the short text field "Describe the other reason why you love Pipefy" will only be displayed when users select the "Other" alternative.

When can field conditionals be used?

Field conditionals can be used in the pipe's Start Form, Public Form and phases. Only users with pipe admin permission can setup field conditionals.

Here are a few scenarios in which this conditional logic feature can be used:

  • Skip required fields (by hiding them) based on the value of a previous field;

  • Ask for more information based on certain conditions in previous fields;

  • Make forms/phases compact by only asking for more information when needed;

  • Create a conditional logic to increase the complexity in forms/phases.

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