What are field conditionals?

Show or hide specific fields in a form according to specific answers so that users can complete requests faster.

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Field conditionals create dependencies between fields, so you can display or hide fields in forms if they match the defined conditions. Field conditionals can be applied in any Pipefy form.

Who can access this feature?

  • All pipe members and admins can create, edit, and delete field conditionals.

  • This feature is only available for Business, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans.

How does this feature work?

Field conditionals help gather additional information in forms when required.

For example, let’s say you send customers a form asking if they’d like to receive news from your company.

If they select "yes" in the form you shared, it reveals an email field that customers can fill out to opt-in. If they select "no," the email field doesn't appear.

When can field conditionals be used?

Use field conditionals to create smart forms, reduce errors, and make it easier for requesters to fill out information quickly.

Here are a few scenarios in which this conditional logic feature is useful:

  • Skipping required fields by hiding them based on the value of a previous field.

  • Asking for more information based on certain conditions in previous fields.

  • Making forms compact by only asking for more information when needed.

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