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Speed up your work by using Pipefy's PDF Generator to standardize files, and create your own ready-to-use model.

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Use a PDF template to standardize your files in Pipefy. You can insert text, images, links, tables, and dynamic fields into your model, making it easy to prepare the document in the format you need.

To create one, open the pipe and click on Tools. Then, select PDF Generator.

Click on Create new template.

You will find a page like this:

Create your model and when you're ready, click Save.

📌Pipefy dynamic field doesn't support connections, attachments, checklists, or card IDs.

All other field types are available.

Enable or disable a PDF Template

Click the switch button in the PDF Template list to enable or disable them for pipe members.

Your template can be used by anyone on your team, as long as this person is an admin or a member.

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