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Adding dynamic fields to email templates
Adding dynamic fields to email templates

Automatically insert information from cards in your email messages.

Written by Bruna Griebeler
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When creating an Email Template, add dynamic fields to automatically fill your message with information from your cards' fields.

Save time and quickly send custom messages with this tool.

How to use it

Open the Email Template editor and click on the dynamic field. Choose your desired option.

You can add dynamic fields to the subject, recipient, and sender.

And you can mix fixed text and add different dynamic fields in the same message.


In a Sales CSM pipe, before sending a proposal, you have to ask for the supervisor's review.

When you create an Email Template, add dynamic fields such as the assignee's name, the company, the contact's name, the customer needs, and the deal's value, for example.

Then, each new email will contain the exact same information from the appropriate card.

You can also share the phase’s public form by adding the option current phase link as a dynamic field.

📌 If a field is blank, the dynamic fields will be blank too.

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