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All PDFs generated from a card originate from a PDF template

Only users with pipe admin permission can specify the layout and define the information contained in a PDF template. Here's how:

1. Within a pipe, access the PDF Generator through the pipe tools menu or a card's PDF top button. Only pipe admins will be able to see these options.

2. Click on the "Create new template" button or an existing PDF Template to open the PDF Template Editor.

3. Create or edit the PDF Template by adding text, dynamic fields (information from cards), links, tables, and images. When you're finished, click Apply to save the changes.

4. Now you're back on the PDF Template List. If your PDF template is finished and ready for use, toggle the button next the the name of the PDF template to "publish" the PDF template. Publishing the PDF template allows any pipe member to use the template to generate and download a PDF

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