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How to set up a custom email address via SMTP
How to set up a custom email address via SMTP

Send email messages through any SMTP mail server.

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By default, Pipefy uses the address to send all emails in the platform.

But, if you have a Enterprise subscription, you can send emails through a customized email address, what we call an SMTP configuration.

With this feature, it is possible to add multiple email addresses to your company’s account and choose which address you want to send emails from.

📌 Attention: Pipefy is not able to receive emails through your custom email address. Any emails sent through our email messaging features will be sent via a Pipefy email address in the "Reply to," so we can collect the response and add it to the card.

After customizing an email address and SMTP servers, you'll be able to change the email to your custom email address.

Any replies will still be sent to the Pipefy card address, ensuring the recipient recognizes your email while enabling Pipefy to collect the responses and add them to the card.

How to enable custom emails addresses

Only company admins can access custom email settings for active devices.

Access your Account Preferences by clicking on your profile picture. Once inside, (1) click on Email Settings and (2) select Custom Email.

Select Add new email to set up a custom address.

Then, add the information related to the email address and where you want this address to be applied:

  • Sender's name: Write the name you want displayed as the sender. If you don't provide any name, Pipefy uses the username and the company name as a default.

  • Email address: Determine which email address(es) will be used to send the emails and display them as the sender.

Click on next. Provide your SMTP server details. If this is the first email that you are adding, it becomes the default SMTP server for the company. If needed, later on you can specify a new SMTP server for each email address.

To enable using your own SMTP server, input the following SMTP server details:

  • Host

  • Port

  • Username

  • Password


To ensure that emails can be sent from Pipefy to your SMTP server, you must open the right ports and allow inbound connections from our IP addresses.

Ask our Support team via the in-app chat to get the list of our IPs to allow connections to your server. Your SMTP server needs to match these requirements:

  • Must support LOGIN authentication

  • Must support TLS 1.0 or higher

It's important to note that the account used cannot have any type of MFA/2FA activated. Now that you have configured the email address and SMTP server, you can use a custom email address in email templates, emails in cards and in the Shared Inbox.

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