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How to redirect an external email address to a pipe email
How to redirect an external email address to a pipe email

Learn how to redirect email addresses from Gmail or Outlook to Pipefy's Shared Inbox.

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Pipefy’s Shared Inbox allows you to manage team emails directly from our platform. Receive and send emails directly in Pipefy and use powerful features, such as tags, deadlines, comments, email templates, email automation and much more.

Each pipe (a process inside Pipefy) has a specific email address, which is automatically created randomly. To receive emails in your pipe, it is necessary to enable the pipe email and then redirect email inboxes such as Gmail and Outlook to it correctly.

Enabling the pipe email

If you haven't downloaded a Shared Inbox template from our Template Gallery, go to the pipe of your choice, click on the Emails option in the header and then Email Settings. On the next page, click on the pipe email address button.

Select the fields in the start form that match the fields in the email and your inbox is enabled! Now, you must redirect the desired email (your team or company email) to this pipe email. Doing so, all emails that arrive at the original email address will be sent to Pipefy.

🔔 Attention: Before the redirect is set, you must make sure that the email inbox has been correctly configured with all the email fields (subject, sender, attachment, among others). Otherwise, the email inbox will not work correctly.

Pipefy Email Redirection

If you have a team email (such as for which you are responsible or where multiple people share the same access, you can link it to Pipefy's Shared Inbox — just set the redirect configuration.

Set up redirect rules in Gmail

Click on the link below and follow the steps to set up email redirection in Gmail:

After setting up email redirection in Gmail, a confirmation message is sent to the pipe email. Click on the link directly in the Pipefy inbox to validate the operation.

All emails you receive in Gmail will be sent to Pipefy. In Gmail, you can define whether you also want them to be saved in the provider or automatically archived; what works best for you.

Set up redirection rules in Outlook

In Outlook, there are two types of configuration: one for (access email directly in the browser) and one for the Outlook Web App.

Follow the instructions on the links above and your Outlook inbox will redirect emails to Pipefy. Unlike Gmail, you won't need to access a confirmation email in Pipefy to validate the operation.

🔔 Attention: If you redirect emails from Outlook to Pipefy, you need to create a redirect and not a forward rule. This way, the redirected messages will come with the original sender's address.

Sending emails from Pipefy

Whenever you reply to a message in the Pipefy Shared Inbox, recipients will see the pipe's email address, which is the first address you configured redirection.

🔔 Attention: If you select the reply to all option, the inbox email is automatically added, which will generate a loop of cards created in the pipe. Therefore, select only the options that actually make sense for each scenario.

To set the sending address, in other words, create a custom email address for the messages that leave your inbox, you must follow the steps in the article below. This option is only enabled for Enterprise plan users.

With the Starter (free) and Business plans, it is possible to use all features of the Shared Inbox, but you cannot customize the sending address, and whenever you reply to an email the pipe address will be displayed.

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