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How to move overdue cards to another phase with automation
How to move overdue cards to another phase with automation

Learn how to move cards to new phases when they are past their due date.

Written by Bruna Griebeler
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Use automation to give visibility to your team whenever cards become overdue. It works this way:

Every time a card received the Overdue alert (event) → automation moves the card to another phase (action).

What are overdue cards?

Overdue cards are the ones with the red label. It means that they are past their due date. Learn more about Pipe alerts here.

If you have a phase in your pipe that is dedicated to critical demands, you can move overdue cards to it, so your team can prioritize these cards.

How to set up this automation

To set up this automation, check if you got the Admin or Editor role in the pipe.

1. On the pipe's header, click Automate.

2. Then, create a new automation.

3. As an Event, select the option When an alert is triggered.

4. Select the Overdue card option.

5. As an Action, select the option Move to phase, and the phase where the overdue cards will be moved.

Save the automation, and you're done! We recommend you test this automation at least once to ensure everything is working well.

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