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When setting up an automation with the 'create a new connected card' action, there are a few steps we should verify to ensure the automation will work as expected. 

Here are those steps and how you can check them:

Common errors in automations to create connected cards

Lack of connection:

Before creating any automation to create connected cards you need to create a connection between the pipes. Click here to learn how to do it. 

Remember, you need to do it before creating the automation!

While you're at it, we strongly recommend setting up the connection's autofill. This setting will help troubleshoot the following steps.

Multiple choice fields:

When matching any multiple choice fields between two pipes (radio, checklist, select, assignee select or label select) you need to make sure that both the origin and destination field have the exact same options, written exactly the same with no extra spaces, capitalization, etc. 

The lack of this validation may cause intermittent errors (sometimes cards are created, sometimes they aren't) if some of the options match and others don't.

By opening the connection manually in the open origin card and using the autofill we recommended you set up when creating the connection you'll be able to check which fields aren't being properly 'transferred' between the pipes and correct them.

For example in field 'type of request' in pipe A we have the 5 options above. If we're matching this field to a field of the same type but it doesn't have the exact same options, it may cause the automation to malfunction.

Attention! This aspect may cause the automation to malfunction even if the multiple-choice field is not mandatory. 

Mandatory fields:

If the start form of the pipe where the cards should be created has any mandatory fields, those fields should only be matched to fields that are also mandatory in the origin pipe.

If by any chance the mandatory field is matched to a field that's not filled when the automation event happens, the mandatory fields in the form will not be filled and the card can't be created.

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