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🔔 Attention! To clone a pipe, either within a company or between two companies, you need to have admin permission in the pipe you want to clone as well as permission to create a pipe in the company.

Given that you have the necessary permission level, it is possible to clone a pipe in two distinct ways: by accessing the pipe itself or by the main screen inside Pipefy, where you see all of your processes.

Outside the pipe, click on the three-dot icon when hovering over the process icon and then select Duplicate this pipe. It’s done, the pipe is cloned directly into the same company.

However, inside the pipe, you can clone pipes to other companies you’re already a member of inside Pipefy. The first step is to click on the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen to open settings.

Inside the Pipe Settings, select the option Clone to... in the left corner. If you are a member of different companies, select from the options the company in which you want to clone your pipe and wait a few seconds while the copy is created.

🔔 Attention! Cloning rules:

The cloning of pipes will clone the entire pipe structure, which includes phases, fields, automations, conditional fields and email templates; connected cards are not cloned yet. The cloned pipe will have (Copy 1) at the end of the name to be identified.

If one or more pipes are connected, only the first pipe will be cloned. In this case, connections will link to the original pipe that was connected. Pipes connected will be entirely cloned only if the cloning is from one company (organization) to another.

If Pipefy understands that the automation can be broken for some reason, the automation rule will not be cloned. For example, if a field in the start form is made mandatory after the automation rule is created and the same field's autofill remains blank in the rule. Keep in mind that all connection fields are cloned as well.

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