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My automation is not connecting cards. What do I do?
My automation is not connecting cards. What do I do?

Check out the steps below to troubleshoot your automation if it isn’t creating connected cards as it should.

Written by Bruna Griebeler
Updated over a week ago

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When setting up automations to create a new connected card, there are a few steps you should verify to ensure it will work as expected.

Connection between pipes

You need to connect the pipes where you want to create connected cards before setting up the automation. Here is how to do it.

We recommend enabling the connection's autofill to facilitate filling in the card's fields.

Multiple choice fields

When matching any multiple-choice fields between two pipes (radio, checklist, select, assignee select, or label select) make sure both the origin and destination field have the exact same options, written exactly the same, with no extra spaces, capitalization, etc.

When opening the connection on the source card and using autofill, you can check which fields are not being properly transferred between the pipes and correct them.

Mandatory fields

If your pipe's start form where the cards should be automatically created has any mandatory fields, those fields should be matched to fields that are also mandatory in the origin pipe.

If, by any chance, the mandatory field is matched to a field that's not filled when the automation event happens, the mandatory fields in the form will not be filled and the card can't be created.

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