My automation is not moving cards. What can I do?

Find full instructions to verify required fields and connections between pipes.

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When setting up an automation to move cards, check if:

  • Fields are filled in a valid format.

  • The card has the required fields, and they are filled.

  • The advanced options are turned off if there are connections between pipes.

  • The parent card has all the required information to create the child card.

  • Selection fields in the parent and child card have the same options.

Otherwise, the automation won't perform as expected. Fix these issues and run a new test to ensure it works properly.

Fields with invalid formats

Email address and phone fields must be filled with valid data in the right format.

When this doesn't happen, the field is highlighted in red.

How to solve it

Correct the information and run the automation once again.

Mandatory fields

If the card has any required fields from the start form or a phase form, you must fill them in before moving the card. Another option is to remove the field's requirement.

How to solve it

Required fields in the start form:

If you have an automation that moves cards to a specific phase after they're created, your first phase can't have any mandatory fields.

  • Open the start form and click on (1) Edit form.

  • Find the required field and click on (2) Edit field.

  • Turn off the option that says This field is required.

A required field in a phase form:

  • If your automation moves cards from one phase to another and the previous phase has a required field, fill it out or remove the requirement.

  • Move the cursor over the gear icon to edit the phase, open the form field to edit, and turn off This field is required.

Connection between pipes

If the cards you want to move are connected to one or more pipes through a field connection, verify its advanced options. If they are activated, your cards may not be moving because of it.

How to solve it

Go to the phase where the connection field is, and click on the gear icon to edit it.

Click the pencil-shaped button next to the connection field to modify it.

In Advanced options, click on the switch buttons to turn them off.

Mandatory fields in connected cards

In the case of connected pipes, the parent cards have to provide all the information the child card requires, even if they are not mandatory in the parent card.

How to solve it

There are three possible solutions for this issue:

  • Fill in the required information.

  • Turn off the requirement in the child card fields.

  • Set the common fields in the parent card as requirements.

Selection fields in connected cards with different options

If the connected cards have selection fields (like a checklist or single selection), the options must be the same.

Otherwise, Pipefy won't be able to transfer data from one pipe to another. And if the automation is based on moving a card after a field is updated, it will not work.

How to solve it

Verify the selection options in both pipes and edit them to be the same.

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