How to set up an email signature

Learn how to set up an automatic signature for your emails

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In Pipefy, you can set up a custom email signature to save time and create a pattern for all emails manually sent through Pipefy.

🔔 Attention: you can only create one signature per user.

The email signature is personal, related to your user and will be the same for all pipes from which you manually send an email. To create an email signature, open a card on any pipe, and simulate sending an email, as shown below:

Customize your signature by using the editor: you can place texts, images, links, etc. You must give your signature a title, and you can edit it at any time, it will be the same on all pipes.

Once configured, each new email sent or replied will have your signature automatically placed at the end of your message, and it can be deleted if necessary.

Here is an example of how to set up your signature:

You should insert images with the size you expect in the signature, you cannot resize them using the editor.

If you prefer, you can also use HTML codes to build your signature by simply inserting them into the editor. In this case, when writing the email you will still see the HTML signature, but when the email is sent it will appear correctly.

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