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Pipefy's email templates are a powerful feature that allows you to create custom email messages and establish standardized communication.

Implementing email templates is a great way to save time and optimize your processes.

In this article, you will learn how to work with our email templates.

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How to create email templates

Go to the pipe header and click on Emails.

Next, click on email templates, located at the bottom of the menu on the left side.

A new window will open, then click on Create new template.

Here, you can:

  • Name the template

  • Choose the sender

  • Add the destination emails (CC or BCC)

  • Add the subject

  • Create the message content itself

📌 All of these items accept dynamic fields (maximum of 100 per template), such as card ID, URL, title, email, username, among others.

In the visual editor, you can view the email exactly as the recipient will receive it. Here, you can customize the message with dynamic content in an easy and fast way. If you prefer, you can also view the entire content of the email in HTML code.

📌 Keep in mind that the timezone option is related to the exact hour that the email is sent, and it also affects dynamic fields that contain time, such as Datetime, Due date, and Time. The Language Settings, located in the lower-left corner, are related to the field formats, such as date formats (M/D/Y), currency, numeric, etc.

Remember to write the email in the same language you’re sending so all the fields match. This is great for pipes that manage content with two different languages.

After making your adjustments, just click on Save and close.

How to edit email templates

To edit an existing email template, click on Emails on the header of the pipe, select email templates, then click on the three dots button located right next to the Email Template's name. Select Edit template.

Select Save As if you want to save it as a copy.

Send email templates automatically

Enable a faster workflow by automating your emails. You can set different events to send the messages, such as when a card is created or when a field is updated, for example. This is a great option if you have to deal with a lot of emails per day.

📌 Learn how to create email automations.

Send email templates manually

If you prefer, email templates can be also sent manually, directly from the card. In the card Email Inbox, emails triggered by automation are flagged with a specific tag, so it's easy to identify them in the card's mailbox.

Open a card and click on Email. Click on Use a Template and select a previously created email template, check the information, and click on Send.

📌 If you select this option while composing an email, it will replace everything you were working on.

Use email templates in a Shared Inbox

You can use email templates in your Shared Inbox. Click on Apply template and select a previously created model or create a new one.

After choosing a model, click on Apply template to confirm.

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