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Pipefy Portals help you organize your pipe's public forms.

It's a very helpful feature to Human Resources or Financial teams, for example, that usually deal with a considerable amount of requests every day.

In this article, you will learn how to:

How to create Portals

To create a new Portal, click on the Portals button on the header of Pipefy's homepage.

Select Create a new Portal.

Click on Add Form and select all the ones you want to gather.

The next step is to customize your Portal.

How to customize Portals

While creating your Portal, you can:

  • Add your company's logo

  • Give it a name

  • Give it a description

  • Change the background image

  • Add a heading

  • And add a title

Customize it as you want and when you are done, click on save and close.

To edit an existing Portal, go to the Portal's home screen, hover the cursor over the option you want to modify, click on the three dots button, and select Edit portal.

Amend what you need, then click on Save and close.

How to share a Portal

Right after creating a Portal, you will get the sharing link. Click on Copy link to share it with your team or any other person.

You also find a share button on the Portal's homepage. Hover the cursor over the Portal you want to share to show it up. Click on it and, then, click on Copy link.

How to delete a Portal

Go to the Portal's homepage, hover the cursor over the Portal you want to erase, click on the three dots button, and select Delete portal.

📌 Attention! Only the Portal's creator can delete it. When you erase a Portal, you are not erasing any Public Form.

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