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Once you set your start form as public, it becomes a public form. This way, those outside Pipefy can view it and send their requests without logging in to the platform.

Your public form can be customized with your company's name, logo, and color, so that stakeholders recognize it comes from a trustable source: you.

Customizing the public form

Open your pipe and click on the Form button.

Click on Edit and select Public View.

In the public view, you'll be able to:

1. Enable or disable the public form and copy the link to share it.

2. Add a logo or any other image related to the form. It is possible to crop and/or resize the image.

3. Add a title to the form. If you leave this option blank, Pipefy will display your company name automatically.

4. Insert a description to tell others more about the form or provide instructions.

5. Modify the “Send” button title.

6. Customize the form with your brand's color. This will be displayed in the form's button and the form title (only if you leave it blank).

7. Set a background. This can be a color or an image powered by Unsplash (a free image source).

8. Enable the request tracker, which gives the requester access to cards' status through a link sent via email.

Lastly, you have three final options:

  • Show Pipefy logo: The Enterprise plan allows you to choose the option of showing or not the "powered by Pipefy'' icon on the corner of the page.

  • Show asubmit another response” button: Select it if you want to display a button along with the submitted message so users can submit another response to your form.

  • Fill with previously submitted values: Automatically fill in the form with the last information submitted.

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