Database members and permissions
Learn how to define who can access and edit your databases.
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You can view and manage the permissions of all members in your Database in the 'members' section. Click on Settings and select the Members tab.

There are three different kinds of database permission levels:

  • Administrator: can create and edit records, edit the table and its settings.

  • Member: can view and create records (if authorized in settings).

  • Read only: can view all records and comment on them.

To change someone's permission level, click on the dropdown menu and select the desired option.

To define if a member can create, manage, and delete records, go to the General tab in Settings, and click on the checkbox button under the authorization title.

📌 Database permissions are not directly related to the company permissions. Each database’s permissions can be managed separately, allowing you to choose who will have access to each of your tables and how much access they'll have within each of them.

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