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How to create and edit database records
How to create and edit database records

Keep data about your customers, suppliers, employees, and products just one click away.

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After creating a database in Pipefy, the next step is to add information (records).

There are several ways to do this:

  • Make the database's form public to allow people outside your Pipefy account to make new entries to your database.

  • Click on the create record button located in the upper right corner of the screen. If you choose this option, you will have to fill in the data manually, one record at a time.

When you click on the create record button, the form you configured when creating a new database will appear on your screen.

Fill the fields with the info you need and click create record.

After that, you will see a new line in your database with the information you just added.

When to use a connection between pipes and cards

Let's say you want to connect a purchasing process pipe to a database with a list of suppliers.

In this case, you must create a connection between the pipe and the database, and then add a connection field to the "quotation" phase, for example. That way, when someone on your team asks for a quote, they can quickly select which supplier to contact.

When to make a database form public

Use this option to allow people outside your Pipefy account to create their own records in your database by themselves.

📌 Unless you add them as members, they will never be able to access or view your database data. Learn more about database membership and permissions.

To make your database form public, follow these steps:

  • Click on create record to open your database form

  • Then select the option share form

  • Click on the switch button. When it's green, your database form is public. When it's off, it means that your database form is private.

  • Copy the public link that appears right below and share it with whoever you want.

When to import data to a database

If you need to create many records at once, you can transfer the data from an Excel spreadsheet (or another program) into your Pipefy database.

How to edit a record in a database

Each record in your database is represented by a row in your database's home screen table.

To edit a record, just click on the line it is on. With that, a new window with all the registry data will open.

Hover the information you want to change. A pencil-shaped button will appear on the side. Click this button, make the changes you need and then click save.

Update cards and database records using automation

Ensure teams in your company can rely on updated database records to work on their processes.

By setting up an automation to create or update records, the information inputted on a card connected to database will generate a new record (or refresh an existing one) with the intakes you specify.

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