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Pipefy allows you to make different types of connections, such as between pipes (processes) and databases. To learn in detail how to create and enable the most varied types of connections, click here.

Connections between Start Forms and pipes are especially interesting since you can connect a Start Form from a pipe X to a phase in a pipe Y. This is useful for processes that depend on others or that have an information hand-off.

Let’s suppose you want to connect the Sales Pipeline pipe to the Customer Onboarding pipe. When the leads (cards) arrive at the Negotiation phase, you can create a connection to the Customer Onboarding Start Form.

To set this connection, hover the cursor over the phase you want to add the connection, and click on the gear button to edit it.

On the next page, scroll down until you find on the left side of the screen, the connection fields.

Select the option pipe connection.

Give it a name, and choose the pipe you want to connect.

In field function, choose the option create record to set the connection between the Start Form and the pipe.

In number of connected items, define how many cards this connection will allow.

Advanced options are related to card movements, and parent and child cards - which come with the card history from another process.

You can also add a description, help text and make the field mandatory.

Save it and it's done! Now you can start connecting Start Forms to various pipes and make your processes much more interconnected and fast.

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