Receiving external information directly in the process phases, and not only through the Start Form, is already possible within Pipefy. In different processes, you may want to receive some new files or information that has not been previously entered in the Start Form by the requester.

For example, in a Marketing Requests pipe when someone outside the platform has to approve the files developed by the internal team. In this scenario, a Public Phase Form can be shared with the stakeholders outside the platform to get approval.

How to use the Public Phase Form?

If you already have beta access to the Public Phase Form, you must be logged into Pipefy 2.0 to use the feature; otherwise, you will not be able to access it.

To share the phase directly with your users, customers or suppliers, click on the Share button, located in the upper right corner of the desired card. When clicking on the button, a link will appear with the URL of the phase form. Click the blue-button to quickly copy the link. Regardless of the phase, the option to share the form can be accessed anytime.

đź”” Attention: every card has a unique link, which will automatically extract the information from fields that you filled out on the card. If you don't fill out any fields on the card before sharing it, whoever sees it will see all available fields. According to your needs, you can share the form with pre-filled fields or not (displayed with reading mode and without any possibility of editing).

Obs: Conditional fields work normally if they were configured only in the phase itself.

At the moment, the sharing process must be performed manually. When the external user opens the link, they will see an interface very similar to the Public Form. However, when filling in the data here, it will not create a new card, but only update the existing card inside Pipefy with the new information.

That’s it! When sending information through the Public Phase Form, the respective card is updated within Pipefy, and the card can move forward until its completion.

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