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🔐 Available on all plans

🎯 For those who want to request information or actions from other people during the process


Optimize your processes and make sure the right people are accomplishing their activity goals:

  • Create activities to collect information, approvals, or to make any kind of action.

  • Send a phase form using email templates to create a new task.

  • Activate task authentication to ensure the right people are completing their tasks.

  • Visualize and complete tasks in the log.

The basics about tasks

Tasks, in Pipefy, are activities you can send requesters, people in your company, or guests to collect information, approvals, or any other action that depends on them so that a process can continue to its conclusion.

Anyone with an account in Pipefy can access tasks in the log:

  • Super admins and admins that manage processes,

  • Members that execute processes and communicate with internal and external clients, and

  • Company or external guests who open requests to your team via Pipefy.

Get inspired:

Human Resources

As you manage vacation requests, you can send tasks to managers asking that they automatically approve employee requests when a card enters the approval phase. Or, in a recruiting process, you can send tasks to managers requesting that they interview candidates when a card enters the interview with the manager phase.

Procurement and Finance

Send tasks to vendors requesting that they send quotations for new equipment acquisitions, software, and others when a card enters the quotation phase. In reimbursement processes, you can ask for the manager’s approval or for other information by sending tasks when a card enters the approval phase.


If you need to escalate an issue, you can send tasks for required approvals, or you can continue resolving the request when a card enters a specific phase. You can use tasks to send satisfaction surveys to users after the request is resolved.

How to create and send tasks

To create a task, you need to send a phase form to people using email templates. Learn how to create email templates.

📢 Keep in mind: If you share only the phase form hyperlink, it will not create a new task for people who have access to it.

You can send this email manually or automatically. Learn more about phase forms and how to set up an email template automation.

💡 Tip: Large companies use automations in Pipefy, eliminating manual activities - you should try it! Send tasks automatically to users from a computer or mobile app. Learn how to execute and improve a process in Pipefy.

People receive tasks in their email. External users can access the link to validate their identity; internal users can do the same in Pipefy, in Tasks.

💡 Tip: Add information to help people complete tasks in a phase using dynamic content fields. You can add fields to the cards with instructions for the requester, approver, or user whose action is needed. Learn how to add fields in forms and phases.

All informed data will be automatically updated in the cards and recorded to the log. Learn how to add activity logs for pipes and cards.

📢 Keep in mind: Up to 30 people can be nominated to complete a task. Check which users acknowledged the receipt of a task by clicking Share at the top of the card.

📢 Keep in mind: If you manually share a phase form, people will not be listed on the card.

How to activate task authentication

You can activate the authentication step to add a later of security and confirm that users are completing the right tasks.

Set up the phase to collect the email addresses of users who interacted with the task for security and traceability.

  1. Click Share at the top of the card you want to send as a task.

    📢 Keep in mind: Make sure you shared the phase form.

  2. Click Change it on Advanced Options

  3. The option Collect email addresses must be active for the authentication to work.

You can also access the phase settings in Pipe settings by choosing the specific phase or by clicking the gear in each phase, then click on Advanced Options.

📢 Keep in mind: The settings you choose will be applied to all tasks sent from this specific phase. All phase forms sent will demand that the person must authenticate themself.

How to visualize and complete tasks

Beyond accessing their tasks using links received via email, people with roles in your company can visualize and complete them in the log area.

To access tasks assigned to you:

  1. Click on Tasks at the top of the screen

    💡 Tip: Next to the button, you will have a pending task counter (not visualized yet).

  2. Inside the page, you will see your tasks divided between:

  • Pending: tasks you received and have not yet completed.

  • Done: tasks you have completed.

You can filter tasks through the original pipe and search it using the title.

This gives you visibility over your pending and specific tasks in a process.

To complete it, click on the task, fill out the requested fields, and send the information.

You, your team, and company guests that have Pipefy accounts can access and complete tasks via computer or mobile app.

📱 Download the app, available in Google Play and Apple Store for free. Access your Pipefy account and navigate to Tasks. Click the task you want to complete to fill out and send the information.

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