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Every phase in your process has a form, you can turn these on and share through a link to collect new intakes.

Phase forms support collecting information that hasn't been submitted by your internal or external clients through the initial form.

These completed forms won't turn into new cards. Once people inside or outside Pipefy fill out the phase form, the fields in your phase are filled out automatically.

You can create one form to each step of your process, with the fields as you want in it. Whenever a card moves to a phase, your will see the form in it's right side. Moving cards won't effect your phase forms.

What does a phase form look like?

When internal or external Pipefy users open the link to your phase form, they will see a page very similar to the start form in its public version.

Colors, background, and other setup will be the same.

Public start form:

Public phase form:

When sending information through phase forms, the respective card is updated within Pipefy, and the card can move forward toward its completion.

How to share a phase form

  • Open the pipe.

  • Select the card that you want to fill out with new information.

  • Find the Share button that is on the upper right corner of the card.

  • Once you click on Share, you will see a switch button to share the phase form.

  • Click on copy link and send it to someone using an email template or a email automation, for example.

How to share a phase form through an email template

You can edit an existing email template or create a new one and place the phase form link as a dynamic field.

For this, select a dynamic field from a card that matches Card > Current phase link.

Pipefy automatically copies the link from the phase the card is in.

As a next step, if you prefer to automatically send the phase forms link to your internal or external customers, you can create an email automation.

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