What are phase forms

Share forms to collect intakes while the process flows along.

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Any phase contains a form you can enable and share with a link.

Use it to collect intakes from your stakeholders as the process flows along, without asking people to create new cards.

When they submit this form, their inputs automatically fill out the card.

How to share a Phase Form?

1. Select the card you want to fill out with new information.

2. Click on Share, next to the current phase's name.

You'll get the option to turn active the form's shareable link.

3. Click on the icon next to Shareable link disabled.

As you click, you'll turn active the form's public version. You can copy its link and open it in a new tab, so people can access it to submit intakes

How to share it as a Task?

The phase form can be sent as a task by sharing its link through an email template.

People who receive the email will gain access to a Tasks page, where they can check forms assigned for them to complete.

By clicking on a task, the person assigned to complete it can access and fill out the form, but they can't view any pipe data.

  1. To share the form as a task, select Share task via email.

For more details, check the article on how to create and send tasks via email template.

Keep your data safe

You can enable an authentication step to add an extra layer of protection to your company's information.

That is, people that access the form (whether through the link or as a task), must confirm their identities with their email addresses.

1. Click on Change it on Advanced Options.

2. Enable the option Collect email addresses in the Advanced Options section.

This way, only when people confirm their email addresses they'll be able to view and submit information through the form.

That done, Pipefy sends a confirmation link through their email addresses so they can confirm it.

  • If the person has a Pipefy account, they can access the form with their email login.

  • Emails submitted by people without a Pipefy account must be confirmed in 30 minutes, tops. Past that time, they'll need to request temporary access to the form again.

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