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How to use dynamic content field in a form
How to use dynamic content field in a form

Use this field to add custom messages in your pipe's forms.

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When you create a form on Pipefy, you will find different field types to build the form’s structure, such as the dynamic content field.

Use this field to add custom messages.

Here are some ideas:

  • In a start form, you can use the dynamic content field to create a welcome message, adding links, bullet points, horizontal lines or tables to it.

    Since there are no previous phases from the start form, is not possible to add information from cards.

  • In a phase form, use the dynamic field at the top to give more context to the person who is going to fill it out, adding information from previous cards. Add links, tables, bullet points, or horizontal lines to custom your message.

  • Or insert the dynamic field in the middle or at the end of the form with a link to an important document.

After filling a public form and creating a new card, guests users can track their requests and tasks on Pipefy for guests, a platform where they have exclusive access.

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