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How to make and track requests in Pipefy
How to make and track requests in Pipefy
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View and track all your requests in Pipefy without missing important information:

  • Open new requests using Portals at the top of the page.

  • Track the status, updates, or communicate with users responsible for requests using the Tasks & Requests tab at the top of the screen.

  • View the status, request details, and updates in each request. To send a message, click on the request, then click on Messages.

The basics about Pipefy requests

Companies can create and share forms in several ways using Pipefy. A new request is created when a form is filled out and sent.

You can use forms to request vacation time, obtain reimbursements, apply to job openings, view purchases and IT tickets, and more. Learn how to create and share forms.

To make a new request, log into your account and click Portals at the top of the screen. Use forms previously shared with you to open new requests. Learn how to make new requests.

To track them, click Tasks & Requests at the top of your page.

All requests you make to the company will be listed on the page.

How to track requests

Your requests will be listed in the order they were created or updated, from newest to oldest. You can search for them by title using the search bar.

Each request has information to help you understand its progress:

  • Title: The company chooses the title to help users easily identify a request.

  • Status: Indicates the present situation of the request.

  • Updated: Indicates when the request was last updated.

You can click on a request to view shared information in the form, track its update history, or exchange messages with the responsible team.

At the left side of the request, you can see the information you filled out in the form.

In Updates, you can view the update history of the request. If you want to know the exact day and time of an update, put the mouse cursor on the top of the timer.

Send and answer messages to the team responsible for your request. Click Messages to access, view, send, or answer messages.

To send a new message, click Contact an agent.

Requests that have been resolved will be listed in a different color at the end of the list.

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