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Companies can create and share forms with Pipefy users to request purchases, reimbursements, and apply for a job, among many other options.

Log in to your Pipefy account and click on Portals to find which options have been shared with you.

Click on the form and fill it out.

Each time you submit a form, your request turns into a card, where you can view information such as the creation date and its status.

📌 Pro tip: you can add a star to your favorite Forms so they will appear first on the Portal's homepage.

How to keep track of my requests

To keep track of your requisitions, go to Requests.


To track requests without having to update the Requests page every time, keep an eye on your Notifications.

You'll be immediately notified when you receive an email message from the person working on your request — or when it advances in the process.

What if I don't have a Pipefy account?

If you were not a Pipefy user, don't worry! The company will share a link by email with you.

Once you click on it, you'll find a form to be filled out with the information you need to provide to make the request.

When you're done, you'll receive another authenticated link, so you can track the status of your order.

How to access my requests if I'm not a Pipefy user

Click Access your request.

All requests created with the same email can be viewed through this link, even if they were created in different pipes or companies.

If the link to the button Access your requests doesn't work, click on the link below the button.

Another option is to copy the link and paste it into the browser instead of directly accessing it — if you have a Hotmail or Outlook email, you probably will have to go with this option.

🔔 Attention: The language you receive the email in is the preferred language defined in your browser. Just go to the browser's language settings to change this configuration if you need to.

Keep in touch with the team

If you have to contact the company about your request, open the card, click on Contact an agent, and write your message. When you're done, click on Send.

Track the responses by clicking on Messages, in the same card. In this tab, you can check the emails you've sent to the company and the ones you've received, so your communication is always updated, automatically.

Speaking of updates, it's also possible to keep up with your request directly from the card, with a few clicks! Toggle to the Updates tab to check a history of activities related to your request, as well as its current status.

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