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Start and update processes with forms
Start and update processes with forms
Written by Guilherme Leme
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🔐 Available on all plans

🎯 For those who want to receive standardized information in their processes


Make the most of forms by customizing and sharing them with the right people. Learn how to:

  • Use start forms to collect information to start processes.

  • Edit fields to attend to your needs.

  • Share forms with the right people, publicly or internally.

  • Create portals with public forms.

  • Use phase forms to collect information during processes.

What are forms for

With forms, you collect the information needed to start a standardized and secure process.

🎥 If you prefer, watch a video about start forms:

Collect information to start the process

Each pipe has a start form to collect information and start a process. For example, in procurement, you can use the form to collect data for new purchase requests; in recruiting, you can use it to send a new application to a candidate.

Once you receive the completed form, it will arrive in the pipe as a new card.

Click the plus sign button (+) at the bottom of the pipe to open the start form.

Edit form

Customize and adapt your form according to your process needs. You can include, alter the order of, or delete fields on the editing page. You can also access the editing page with the Form button.

💡 Tip: Customize your forms with different types of mandatory or optional fields, and set up field conditionals to display or hide information.

📢 Keep in mind: it is not possible to create cards on the editing page. Return to the pipe and use the plus sign button (+).

Share the start form

You can share the start form in different ways with other people.

  • Public Form: Anyone with the link or using a page with the embedded form can create cards. Learn more about public forms.

  • Internal Form: Only people with access to Pipefy or who you allow can open cards in an internal form available in portals.

  • Portals: Create portals with start forms for your company and centralize the requests safely. Learn more about portals

Create portals with forms

Create portals to cluster forms in one place, so your team can access a centralized page to open requests.

🎥 If you prefer, watch this video on how to create a new portal:

  1. Click on Portals at the top of the screen.

  2. Then, click on Create new portal.

  3. Define who can access the portal according to your needs

    • Company portal: Only people who are part of your company will have access to the portal.

    • Link access: Only people who have the link can access and request through the form.

    • Public on the web: People can find the portal through an internet search.

  4. Customize the portal to have your company’s visual identity. Add a logo, background image, name, and description. You can also add titles, subtitles, texts, horizontal lines, and buttons.

  5. Click on Add A form.

  6. Select the form you prefer.

  7. Customize the title and create a description (up to 45 characters).

  8. Don’t forget to save your work. Then, click Save and close at the top of the screen when you finish the editing.

📢Keep in mind: To include forms in the portal, make sure public mode is active. Learn how to activate public mode.

Get inspired:

  • Create an internal portal for requests that only people from your company can make. For example, vacation requests, personal data updates, reimbursements, and more. You can also create a portal that unifies Human Resources requests and use it as the official portal for the whole company.

  • Create a publicly available portal to collect information from clients interested in your services, candidates interested in open positions, and more.

Collect information during the process

You can also send forms to collect information or request approvals from cards.

With phase forms, people who access the shared link can fill out the fields of that specific phase.

  1. Open a card where you need to send the phase form.

  2. At the top, click on Share.

  3. Activate the sharing and send the link to the person.

💡 Tip: Combine the email submission template using automations to eliminate manual or repetitive tasks. Learn more about how to create and send tasks automatically.

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