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In Pipefy, companies can create Forms so guest users can request purchases, reimbursements, or even apply for a job, just to name a few examples.

If you filled out a form as a guest and want to track its status, go to Pipefy for guests: a portal where you have exclusive access.

To do this, open the email you've received after filling the form and click on Access your requests, which contains an authenticated link.

All requests created with the same email can be viewed through this link, even if they were created in different pipes or companies.

🔔 Attention: If the link to the button Access your requests doesn't work, click on the link below the button.

Another option is to copy the link and paste it into the browser instead of directly accessing it — if you have a Hotmail or Outlook email, you probably will have to go with this option.

The language you receive the email in is the preferred language defined in your browser. Just go to the browser's language settings to change this configuration.

In Pipefy, each of your requests becomes a card, where you can see more information, like when it was created and it's status.

Go to the Requests page, to see all your cards centralized in a single place — which is great when you have a considerable amount of requests.

If you have to contact the company about your request, open the card, click on contact an agent, and write your message. When you're done, click on send.

You will receive an email notification when you get an answer, and the card will keep a record of all information exchanged.

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