Pipefy’s email guidelines

Best practices to use Pipefy’s email tools according to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Pipefy’s email tools help establish effective communication between your company and your customers, suppliers, employees, or anyone you interact with.

When establishing this valuable interaction, it is important to also combat spam.

So, before you send your first email, make sure you follow these guidelines, created to protect your email sending reputation.

Pipefy’s email guidelines

  • Ask for permission: Nobody likes to receive unwanted messages. Before contacting someone, verify you’ve received the necessary permission.

    In Pipefy, you can send emails to up to 10 people per message. The sum of recipients inside the TO, CC, and BCC fields can't exceed 10 — unless you use a custom SMTP. In that case, limits are defined by your email server.

    The email base you are in contact with is controlled by your company, not by Pipefy.

  • Include an opt-out option: According to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Article 7: “it should be as easy to withdraw and to give consent.” This law, and many others around the world, support the right of subscribers to withdraw consent and indicate that senders should have an active role in providing for it.

    Therefore, it is important to include an opt-out option in the messages you send using Pipefy's email tools. Remember to include an unsubscribe link in your emails so recipients can change their preferences or withdraw if they want to.

  • Message valid users: Don’t use purchased, rented, scraped, or borrowed email lists. Make sure you have valid email addresses and message your own users.

  • Share only useful information: Pipefy’s email tools are ideal to create effective communication between your team and your clients, suppliers, or any stakeholder. It should not be used for promotional campaigns, pyramid schemes, or for sharing any distressing, offensive, or illegal content.

  • Be available and transparent: Add a reply-toaddress to your business on all messages, and only use valid emails as the sending address sender, so people can reach you back.

Please note: If you don’t follow these guidelines, we may suspend your capability of sending emails while our team investigates. We may ask how you procured your email list or for proof that confirms the opt-in from your users.

Pipefy’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

These email guidelines are in addition to our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. Please ensure you’ve read and understood these documents.

As a Pipefy user, you accept to follow our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy while using our platform to send emails, and you are aware these email sending guidelines may be updated and changed periodically.

You must ensure that your email activities comply with applicable data and privacy laws and that you have permission from a recipient to contact them by email. Do not use Pipefy’s products and tools to connect with data you don’t have the required permission to access and process.

We know that, sometimes, mistakes can be made and things may go wrong. So, if you are concerned about these guidelines or have any questions, please reach out to our team: privacy@pipefy.com.

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