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How to manually send emails using email messaging?

Sending an email using the email messaging feature is really easy and it’ll help save a lot of time you’d spend going through overflowing email inboxes looking for specific email responses.

Here’s what you must do to send an email from inside a card:

1. Open the card you want to send the email from and click the email icon on the upper right corner of the open card.

2. Click the ‘new email’ button and insert the email information:

  • From: this is the name that'll be displayed in the sender's info of your sent email. It's pre-determined and can't be modified unless you have a custom email address setup. It'll show your name and the name of your company and, if you hover over it, it'll display your card's unique email address. Any replies sent to this address will be logged into your card's email tab;

  • To: add the email address(es) you want to send the email to;

  • Cc and Bcc: add the email address(es) you want to send the email to as Cc or Bcc

  • Subject: the subject line the message recipient will see in his/her inbox;

  • Body: the content of your email. You can write it using plain text (using a text editor to add headings, format text or add hyperlinks/images) or HTML. You can also attach one or more files to your email.

3. After you’re done writing the email, hit send and you’re done. The email will be logged in the email tab and, when you get a reply the response will appear on the email tab as well.

You can also reply to an email without even having to leave Pipefy (or close the card). Simply click ‘reply’ or ‘reply all’, write the email and send it. It’s also possible to forward your email to someone else.

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