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Manage Pipefy company members with Azure AD
Manage Pipefy company members with Azure AD

Create groups in Azure AD to manage company members according to their permission levels.

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Azure AD is a cloud service that manages users in systems like Pipefy.

After integrating it to Pipefy, you can use this tool to add, edit, or delete company members.

You can also create groups and add members to manage people according to their permission levels:

  • Super Administrators

  • Administrator

  • Members

  • Company guest

  • External guest

To assign or remove users from the Super Administrator role within Azure, the AD manager must assign the person in Pipefy to the super_admin role. Changing the API token used to create the integration is unnecessary.

Creating a Group

1. Click on All Services.

2. Select Groups.

3. Click on New Group.

4. Fill in the Group information.

Pipefy accepts only 5 group names: Pipefy-Super-Administrators,Pipefy-Administrators, Pipefy-members, Pipefy-company-guests, and Pipefy-external-guests.

You can add whatever you want at the end of those names to customize your groups, but it’s required to have those prefixes. For example, those group names would also work:

  • Pipefy-Super-Administrators with-space

  • Pipefy-Administrators-OrgId

  • Pipefy-Members-Company-Internal-Name

  • Pipefy-Company-Guests-123456

  • Pipefy-External-Guests-ANYTHING

By creating these groups and adding users to each of them, these users will automatically be linked to the organization's permission level that currently exists within Pipefy.

5. If you want, you can fill in the members on this same page or add them later.

6. Click on Create.

📌 Attention: You can not provision on demand for groups. So, the group sync can take up to 40 minutes for the role to be changed on Pipefy after a user is assigned to a new group on Azure AD.

Adding a User to an existing group from the user page

  1. Go to Users.

2. Click on the user you want to add to a group.

3. On the user profile page, click on groups.

4. Click on Add membership.

5. Choose the group you want to add the user to.

6. Click on select.

Adding users to a group from the group's page

  1. Click on All Services.

2. Click on Groups.

3. Select the group you want to add users to.

4. Click on Members.

5. Click on Add Members.

5. Search and select the members you want to add to that group.

6. Click on Select.

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