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When adding someone as a Company Guest, this person will have access to forms chosen by the administrator and, with that, open new cards in specific pipes.

They won't see any other information about your business, not even the list of users.

Also, by default, these persons will be able to create new pipes in your company account, which helps to keep all your business processes and communications centralized on a single platform.

When they create a new pipe, their role level will automatically change from Company Guest to Member, which will give them new permissions.

To disable this option, go to Company Settings and uncheck the item Company guests can create pipes in this company.

If you change your mind, check it again.

📌 Pipefy's Business, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans are based on the number of administrators and members. Each new admin or member generates a new charge.

If you use Pipefy's Starter plan, you're limited to up to 10 users (all of them as admins), and can not add guest users. Learn more about Pipefy's Pricing Policies.

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