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Pricing policy

Pipefy is a subscription-based cloud application with four different plans to cater to the needs of companies of different sizes. 

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Pipefy's plans values are per user, per month. You can add or delete users to your company any time you wish and the value of your plan will be automatically updated according to it.

New users added to paid accounts are charged at the moment the invite is sent, not when it's accepted by the user.

If you remove a user before the end of the billing period, we won't charge you for the full month. Instead, you'll be billed proportionally for this particular user and the value corresponding to the remaining time will be added as a credit to your account and discounted from your next payment. 

The credit is non-refundable and can only be applied as a discount to active accounts.

If you add someone to your company before the end of the month/billing period, the same rule applies: the value of the new user's account will be charged proportionally. 

We'll keep track of this for you, and add it in detail to your bill at the end of the month.

Attention! Pipefy's pricing plans apply to a single company. If you create another company and add members to it, you'll be charged separately for those members, even if you've already paid for them in another company.

New charges are generated automatically once a new user is invited to a company with a paid plan, whether the user is already registered to Pipefy or not.

Monthly plans

As mentioned above, Pipefy's prices are calculated on a per user, per month basis. 

Monthly plans are automatically renewed after every billing period unless the user cancels the subscription/request the cancellation before the renewal date.

You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your account whenever you wish to by reaching out to our team, but note that payment will happen upfront, and we won’t give refunds for cancellation or plan downgrades before the end of the billing period.

Annual plans

Pipefy’s annual plans provide year-to-year access and offer a 20% discount over the monthly plans. 

Just as monthly plans, annual plans are paid upfront and are automatically renewed every year unless the user requests the cancellation before the automatic renewal date.

If you decide to cancel or downgrade your plan before the renewal date, no refunds will be made.


You can cancel your entire account, and thus stop billing by requesting the cancellation (access or the billing tab inside your company settings) or deleting your company.

If you just want to remove a user from your company, go to the 'members' tab and delete the member. As soon as the member is deleted, we won't charge you for him/her anymore and any applicable credits will be added to your account and given as a discount in your next billing cycle.

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