Manage company members with JumpCloud

Learn how to integrate Pipefy to JumpCloud and add, update or delete company members in one place.

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Pipefy's integrations enable you to connect your company's account to JumpCloud and manage roles in one place.

Through this Identify Management SCIM, add, update and even delete members directly from your Administrator Portal.

Here is how you can do it.

Integrating Pipefy to JumpCloud

2. On the left, click on the SSO button – the SCIM settings are inside the SSO section, even if you are not using Single Sign-On.

3. As you click on the SSO button, you will be able to access a list of Feature Applications.

To add Pipefy as a feature application in JumpCloud, click on the plus sign button.

As you click, you will be able to access the URL Bookmark, where the SCIM client is set.

4. Then, Insert the Application Display Label and, if you prefer, a description about this integration with Pipefy. You can also change label colors or Pipefy's logo to better identify it as you access your integrations panel.

5. In Bookmark, type in Pipefy's URL: {}.

Before setting up the Identity Management, go to User Groups and ensure every group is in sync with the new Application.

Note: Pipefy doesn't support custom groups. Pipefy's Identity Management (SCIM) supported groups are:

  • pipefy-guests

  • pipefy-members

  • Pipefy-administrators

6. After syncing your user group, go back to the Identify Management tab and provide credentials to activate the integration.

As you fill in the credentials, click on Test Connection and wait for a response.

7. As you fill in the credentials, Test Connection and wait for a response.

8. If the connection is successful, activate it by clicking on Activate.

If the Identify Management Integration is successfully verified, you will receive an alert.

And, you are done! Now, you have a new and active SCIM client in JumpCloud!

Additional notes

There is no sync interval between user or group creation, updating or deleting. Changes in JumpCloud are automatically updated in Pipefy.

For example:

  • If you delete a user in JumpCloud, it will be removed from your Pipefy's organization account.

  • If a group is deleted in JumpCloud, users will be removed from your Pipefy's organization account.

  • Or, if you change users from pipefy-members to pipefy-administrators group, users roles change from member do admin in Pipefy.

Click here to access JumpCloud's official documentation about Custom SCIM Identity Management.

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