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Learn all about Phases and what they represent in Pipefy.

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A phase is an execution step of a process inside Pipefy.

In Pipefy's main view (Kanban), each phase is represented by a column with its name at the top.

Phases can also have a description, SLAs, assignees, and much more. To learn how to create a phase from scratch, click here.

If you wish, you can customize the phase title with different colors and emojis, as you see in the example below:

Cards move sideways through your pipe’s phases. You can move Cards directly inside the Card or by dragging and dropping the card to the phase you’d like it to be.

However, remember that some phases may have restrictions set up, which means that specific criteria must be met for Cards to be moved.

Just like the Start Form, a phase is made of fields you can reorder, edit, and customize to suit your process’s needs.

While the phase represents a step in the execution flow, the fields represent the activities and rules your team members must follow to execute a task.

Watch the video to learn more about phases:

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