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Edit a phase's settings by opening a card, clicking the three dots, then selecting Edit phase.

Here's what you can edit from your phase settings:

1. Phase name (displayed in the pipe dashboard);
2. Fields (learn more about adding, editing and deleting fields);
3. This phase is an end of process: this option makes a phase the end (or ends) of your process. When you move cards to this phase they'll be considered finished/inactive and will no longer trigger any alert;

4. Allow creating cards in this phase: this option displays the '+' button for creating new cards (normally only displayed in the first phase of the pipe) in this phase. Users will still have to fill in the start form to create cards in different phases.

Advanced options

Assignees to Cards in this phase

If you select one or more users in this section, all cards that enter this phase will be automatically assigned to them. If you don't want cards to be automatically assigned to anyone, just leave this option blank. When this option is active, it'll automatically remove any previously added assignee and replace them with the new ones;


Add a short, concise description of this phase, to be displayed at the bottom of the phase in the pipe's kanban view.

Late alert

Define a maximum time (SLA) for a card to stay in this phase.

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