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Pipe roles and permissions

Learn about all the different pipe permission levels to manage information access.

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Pipe permissions are not directly related to your company permissions. Each pipe’s permissions can be managed separately, allowing you to choose who will have access to each of your pipes and how much access they'll have within each of them.

If you’ve determined in a pipe's settings that it's a public pipe, anyone in your company will see it on the dashboard and be able to join it. Company members will join as pipe members, while company admins will automatically join as pipe admins.

If you make the pipe private, only the company admins or users that have been invited will be able to join.

The members page of each pipe provides an overview of the members in a pipe and the role (permission level) they have in that pipe. You can access this page by clicking on the members button in the upper right corner of the pipe header.

📌 Permission levels are only available for companies in the Business or Enterprise plans. Click here to learn more about the features available for each of Pipefy's plans.

Pipefy currently offers 5 different permission levels within a pipe:

  • Read-only: Users can view all cards and leave comments on them.

  • Restricted view: Users can create new cards, but they're only allowed to view/edit cards that they created or that were assigned to them.

  • Start form only: Users can only access the pipe's start form to create new cards. They can't view/edit any cards, even the ones they've created.

  • Pipe member: Pipe members can create new cards as well as access all of the pipe’s existing cards to edit/move them across the pipe.

  • Pipe admin: Pipe admin users can do everything within the pipe (create, edit, and delete cards) as well as edit the pipe’s settings.

📌 Users with permissions read-only, restricted view, and start form cannot delete cards created by them.

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