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Invite members to your pipe

If you would like, watch a tutorial video! 

Invite members directly from your pipe's control panel. Click on the blue "+" button or on "Manage members" in the header's upper right corner, and then on "Invite team members".

Attention! If you can't see this button, contact your company administrator. There's a company setting that establishes that only company admins can add new members to a company.

Invite users that are already in your company by typing their username/email or invite new users by typing their email. 

Any users you invite that are not yet members of your company will automatically be added to it when you invite them to your pipe, making them eligible for your company's charges (click here to learn more about our pricing policy). 

After finding the username or typing the email address, click the 'Add' button. Before inviting the users you need to select their permission level from the five possible roles in a pipe:

  • Read-only: Users can view all cards and leave comments on them;

  • Restricted view: Users can create new cards but they're only allowed to view/edit cards that are they created or that were assigned to them;

  • Start form only: Users can only access the pipe's start form to create new cards. They can't view/edit any cards, even the ones they've created;

  • Pipe member: Users can create new cards as well as access all of the pipe’s existing cards to edit/move them across the pipe;

  • Pipe admin: Users can do everything within the pipe (create, edit and delete cards) as well as edit the pipe’s settings.

Once you've selected the user's permission level, you have the option to add a custom message to be added to the invitation email (these emails are only sent to users who are not yet registered with Pipefy).

Clicking on "Add your message", the text box will open.

Once you're done adding the users, click on "Invite" and you're good to go!

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