What is a public form?

Let external users create cards in any pipe by turning a start form into a public form and sharing it online.

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Every pipe has a start form, which is the pipe's front door and it's used to create new requests (cards) in a pipe.

The public form enables you to make it accessible to external users (people not logged into Pipefy). With forms, you have the exact information you want in your hands, whatever it may be since you build forms with conditional and mandatory fields to fit your needs.

You can use it to make the form available externally via:

  • A shareable URL that'll take users to a customized page;

  • An embed code to add the form to a page on your website.

The public form is a public representation of your start form and it is used to create cards in your pipe, whatever is your process (recruitment, purchasing, sales pipeline, etc.).

Whenever someone fills in the information in a public form, a new card is created in the pipe it belongs to.

Public forms are a way to interact with process stakeholders that are not members of a pipe or a company in Pipefy, such as members from other teams, customers, suppliers, etc.

Forms allow you to easily structure and organize all the information you receive, extract the data you’re looking for, and provide the necessary response.

Public Forms can be used as:

  • Contact form

  • Feedback form

  • Subscription form

  • Job application form

  • Internal requests form

  • Comments/suggestions form

  • Client onboarding/registration

  • And many other scenarios.

There are a lot of use cases for Pipefy's public forms - you just have to adapt the forms to your scenario.

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