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Create new cards from received emails
Create new cards from received emails

Set up your Pipefy's Email Inbox to automatically create cards in a pipe whenever you receive an email.

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🔐 Available on all plans

🎯 For those who want to receive messages in card format directly to pipes

⏩ Content Summary:

Create cards from emails received in a pipe to increase agility when communicating with requesters. In order to do this:

  • Create forms with corresponding email fields.

  • Activate the pipe email in email settings.

  • Select the email’s corresponding fields.

The email inbox feature allows cards to be created in a pipe automatically from emails sent to that pipe’s email address.

This feature allows you to receive messages as cards that can be placed directly into a process. With a shared inbox, you can view and manage email more efficiently, with greater visibility and a centralized repository of information.

You can set up your email inbox to perform this function by taking the following steps:

1. Create an appropriate form

Create or edit a form with fields that correspond to email fields (such as sender, recipient, subject, attachment, etc.); these fields will later be combined with email fields.

To create a form, click the Form button in the pipe header and then Edit. Next, drag and drop fields to the form. Make sure the form fields directly match the information in the emails you want to receive:

  • Sender name, recipient, cc, and subject: short text.

  • Sender email address: email.

  • Body: long text.

  • Attachments: attachment.

2. Match form fields with email fields

Once the form has been edited properly, it's time to set up the equivalent fields in the email. To do this, click the Email button in the pipe header.

Here, click Email settings on the left menu. This is where you will enable the pipe email address (by clicking the button) and make other adjustments.

Click the Advanced Options button to open the email fields menu. Here, you’ll match the form fields to the corresponding email fields.

Click Save. The configuration is finished!

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