The email inbox feature allows cards to be created in the pipe automatically when emails are received at the pipe email address.

This way, you receive messages as cards directly in your process. With Shared Inbox, you can view and manage email more efficiently, with visibility and greater centralization of information.

To make your email inbox work properly, you need to follow these steps:

1. Create an appropriate form

Create or edit your form with fields that later will be combined with email fields (such as sender, recipient, subject, attachment, etc.).

To create a form, click the Form button in the pipe header and then Edit. Next, just drag and add fields to the form. You need to have specific types of fields on your form to properly match the information with emails:

  • Subject: short or long text field;

  • Name: short or long text field;

  • From email: email field;

  • To: short or long text field;

  • CC: short or long text field;

  • Body: long text field;

  • Attachments: attachment fields.

2. Match form fields with email fields

Once the form has been edited properly, it's time to set up the equivalent fields in the email. To do so, click on the Email button in the pipe header.

Here, click on Email Settings on the left side menu. This is where you will enable the pipe address (click the button to enable it) and make the other adjustments. If you want to learn how to redirect an external email address to the pipe email, click here.

Click on the Advanced Options button to open the email fields menu. Here, you just have to match which form fields represent the email fields.

Click on Save and the configuration is finished!

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