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Pipefy for CRM: Automate lead qualification in Pipefy
Pipefy for CRM: Automate lead qualification in Pipefy

Increase response rate with Pipefy's automations. Create a faster and more effective qualification process.

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Find the best sales opportunities right away with Pipefy’s automation. Improve your team's performance, by focusing on what really matters: true potential customers.

Go to the automation page, and select “when a field is updated” as an event. Add conditions to specify the qualification criteria, then choose “move card” to Won or Lost stage, according to leads’ characteristics.

Why qualifying leads?

Qualifying leads is vital to any sales process, because it reduces costs, and helps your commercial team to focus on real potential customers, based on information captured through public forms.

Each business may define its own qualification criteria, such as budget, timing, and who is the decision-maker.

Fortunately, you don’t have to analyze and qualify your leads one by one. You can increase your response rate and use Pipefy’s automation instead!

After importing leads to Pipefy, or creating new opportunities with a public form, here is what you have to do:

Automate lead qualification: step by step

Open your Lead Qualification pipeline and go to Automate.

Click on create automation and choose “When a field is updated” as an event.

Now you’ll select a field, in this case, the criteria that will qualify your lead.

Let’s take company size as an example. Suppose we just want to deal with Enterprise companies. Therefore, we must add a condition: company size is equal to Enterprise.

📌 Pro tip: make sure the qualification fields are set as mandatory and part of the start form, otherwise, your automation won't work!

The next thing to do is to choose the action: move the card to the discovery call phase.

Now, every time you got an enterprise lead, it will automatically move forward to the next stage of your pipeline.

Combine more criteria to qualify your leads, by adding more than one field and condition. For example: If the company size is enterprise and the deal value is greater than U$10.000.

Unqualified leads

But, what happens to unqualified leads? Well, let’s set another automation for them!

In the automations page, choose "when a field is updated" as an event, and add two conditions: company size is equal to small, or company size is equal to medium. The action will be to move the card to the poor-quality prospect.

  • Conditions:

  • Automation result:

Customize your pipeline start form to include more criteria and modify your Lead Qualification process as you need.

Take free courses in Pipefy's Academy to improve your process management skills, and don't forget to join our Community, where you have access to our knowledge base.

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