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Roles and permissions
What are the different types of users in Pipefy?
What are the different types of users in Pipefy?

Increase the security and control of your processes by adding users with the proper role.

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We have two levels of users in Pipefy:

  1. Company members

  2. Pipe members

These options give more control over the processes and data protection. Within these two levels are various user types.

What are the user types?

At the company level:

  • Administrator

  • Member

  • Company guest

  • External guest

📌 Only admins and members have access to pipes. Both are paid members.

Guest users can't access pipes, and they are free of charge.





Full access to pipes



Can access public pipes and private pipes they have been invited to by the admin


Guest users

Access to shared public forms only


At the pipe level:

  • Administrator

  • Member

  • Read only

  • Restricted view

  • Start form only

What's the difference between company admins and members?

Company admins have full access to all pipes and features in Pipefy, while company members have their access and actions limited by the admins.

Company admins

Company members

Access to public pipes

Access to private pipes

Only if invited by an admin

Feature setting

Limited by an admin

Change users permissions

Only if an admin allows

Company admin permissions: a brief story

Since company admins have complete access to everything, they will always be pipe admins when entering a pipe.

They are also the only ones capable of changing their own permission level inside all pipes.

This means the same person set as company admin can be a pipe admin or a pipe member.

Company member permissions: quick overview

Things are a little bit different for company members. If they create a pipe, they will be the pipe’s admin. But if they are invited to join a pipe, they will only have the permission level the pipe admin defined.

If the company admin allows, company members can change their permission level from pipe admin to pipe member, or to a more restricted permission level, such as restricted view. However, they can't revert the permission level. If they need to, they must ask the pipe admin to change it.

For example, a company member can be:

  • A pipe admin in a Sales CRM process but have restricted-view permission in a Reimbursement pipe.

  • A pipe member in a Marketing process but only have access to the start form in a purchase pipe.

Other questions

What happens when I invite someone outside of my company to join a pipe?

They will receive an email to access and join the pipe. By joining the pipe, they will also become a new company member and, therefore, you'll be charged.

Is there any user type that is free of charge?

Yes, the guest users. You can add as many guest users as you want, and they are all free of charge.

Keep in mind that guest users can't join pipes or perform any other action in Pipefy besides interacting with public forms.

What's the difference between company guests and external guests?

In a nutshell, Company Guests can create new pipes by default. When this happens, they automatically become pipe members.

External Guests can not create pipes or become company members. That's why this role level is more accurate to suppliers, clients, and other company stakeholders.

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