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Pipefy is all about making your workflow better, right? And as Peter Drucker, a well-known business guru, once wisely said:

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

Pipe reports will enable you and your team to keep everything on track. Always.

What are pipe reports?

The pipe reports are an advanced pipe tool that enables users to view all the information extracted from the fields of all the cards in your pipe in an organized, customizable spreadsheet format.

This tool enables Pipefy users to easily create and save reports with pre-selected filters to access whenever they need the information.

How can pipe reports be used?

Pipe reports can be used in a lot of different situations where you need to view and assess what’s going on in your pipe.

The reports tool can help you improve your processes by analyzing productivity, time spent in each phase, etc.

As you can see, pipe reports can be used in many scenarios and allow many companies to analyze their data.

Here are some examples of how you can use the feature in your department:

Customer Service

Gather information from your pipes to analyze the Customer Support's team key metrics, such as the amount of time that a customer spends in one or more phases, the number of conversations (clients) per teammate, and ticket volume (by tracking the number of cards).

The Customer Success team can also track their clients' response time and evaluate each customer's or team member's performance by customizing pipe reports through filters.

Human Resources

Track the team's performance by filtering the number of candidates analyzed per time and the volume of resumes received in a specific period.

It's also possible to gather data from the pipes to analyze the amount of time that a candidate spent in the recruitment phases before moving to the onboarding process and identifying which departments require refined talent research.


Through pipe reports, it's not only possible to track a team's performance by filtering a team member and a specific amount of the process' time, but also to combine values. This way, you can analyze which phase is taking more time and money from your team.

Through pipe reports, it's not only possible to track your team's performance by combining assignees/amount of time in a phase or in the whole process. You can also extract the amount, minimum, maximum, or summation of the spent/income values in the entire process and combine them with other filters to analyze your cash flows.

📌 Important: Pipefy only exports reports with 30k lines or less. If your report (either company or pipe) encompasses more than 30k cards, only the first 30k lines will be exported.

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