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How to modify account preferences
How to modify account preferences

Learn how to edit your profile information, notification preferences, personal access tokens, and more.

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You can access and configure different user settings in Pipefy's Account Preferences menu. To do this, just click on your profile picture located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on the Account Preferences button.

When opening this menu, different options will appear depending on your user permission level. Check the table of contents below to access exactly the information you want to see:


The first tab in Account Preferences is the General menu. Inside it, you can edit:

  1. Name

  2. Username

  3. Email

  4. Language

  5. Time zone

  6. Password

Below the save button, you can also enable or disable Multi-Factor Authentication (available for Enterprise customers only), access your API key to integrate Pipefy with other tools, and delete your account.

📌 Attention: It is not possible to recover your information if you delete your account, so consider carefully whether you want to delete your data.


If you have the Admin or Super Admin permission level in Pipefy, you can access this tab in the Account Preferences menu. Here you can check all existing automations in the company's account, not just specific pipes.

Depending on their permission level, other users can see automations for the pipes they created or the pipes they are members of. Regardless of which pipe they are in, you have a broad and complete view of all automations created by all users in the company with this menu.


This is where you customize your Pipefy notifications, such as enabling or disabling email notifications and customizing which ones you would like to receive.

Regular Notifications

The first section of the page allows you to enable or disable email notifications for all pipes and companies that you are a part of in Pipefy. These are the existing settings for notifications:

  • When I'm added to a pipe or team or mentioned/owned by a card

  • When a card is moved, expires, becomes delayed or expired

  • When a new comment or checklist is created

You can only enable or disable notifications sent by email. Notifications on the mobile app cannot be edited.

Custom notifications

If you want to be notified about multiple topics in different pipes, you can configure and change specific settings for each pipe separately. To do so, just click on the Custom button and select which items you want to be notified of by email. The notification settings are the same three notification alert options listed above.

When configuring custom notifications, don't forget to click the Save button after completing the configuration for each pipe.

Personal access token

The second tab in the Account Preferences menu is Personal Access Token. This is where you generate personal access tokens for Pipefy's GraphQL API. This is an authentication method for any action you need to perform via API, such as creating integrations, performing queries, or performing actions (mutations).

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