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What types of alerts are available in Pipefy?

Pipefy offers three different types of alert you can set up so that your pipe members can be notified regarding their cards

These alerts are a great way to help you control your activities' SLA and can also be used to trigger automation actions.

Assuming they have email notifications enabled, they'll be notified in their registered email address, otherwise they'll only be notified via the in-app notifications (bell icon).

  • Overdue alert: A notification is generated when the card exceeds its due date. The date displayed in the cards (both closed and open card view) gets highlighted yellow when the due date is close and red once it’s past.
  • Late alert: The late alert is set up inside the phase settings. It's displayed directly on the card (both closed and open card view) when the established maximum lead time for a specific phase is exceeded;
  • Expired alert: The expired alert is set up in the pipe settings. It's also displayed directly on the Card when the card exceeds the maximum lead time for the entire pipe.

Users are able to easily visualize the amount of late/expired cards in a phase by the yellow/red rectangles displayed right next to the phase’s name, with the number of cards with the alert on each phase.

Important! Once a card becomes late/expired, changing the phase/pipe settings won't remove the alert. The new settings will only applied for cards created/moved to the phase after they're saved.

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