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Your Pipe's Start Form is its front door. It represents the input of your process and it's important that you structure it properly to make sure to ask for all the information needed.

If you created your Pipe using one of Pipefy’s pre-designed process templates, it will already have a predefined Start Form, and you can edit it as you need.

But let's assume you're creating a new process from scratch. Your Start Form will be empty, without any fields in it yet.

So, the first step is to add some fields.

Click on Create new card button to open your Start Form.

Then, click on Edit form.

Select a field, click, and drag it to the canvas. Give it a name and save.

Repeat these steps to all the fields you want to add. Not sure which field type you should use? Don't worry! You can always check out this guide!

Once you're done editing your Start Form it is ready to go!

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