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How to access activity logs for pipes and cards
How to access activity logs for pipes and cards

Stay on top of all your process’s information by having access to your activity history where information is centralized and easy to find.

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Every action that happens in Pipefy is automatically recorded in your process history, either within the cards itself or in the pipe's activity log. This way, no information goes unnoticed and you can easily identify who did what and when.

To stay on top of pipe activities, you must be the admin of the process. With this permission level, click the clock button in the pipe's header. A new tab will open with the pipe's activity history, and you can check card movements, comments, dates, assignees, and much more.

In addition to the pipe activity log is each card's history. You don't need to be an admin to check the card's history — with member access, you can view card related information.

Just click on any card to open it and scroll to find the Activities area. Here, there is a true history of everything related to each card, with movements (including made by automations), comments, editions, etc.

Both pipe and card activity logs ensure your process updates are easily traceable.

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