Access and manage billing information

Find details about your Pipefy subscription, update billing info, and get invoices.

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If you are a company admin, you're able to access and modify subscription details, such as:

Find this information by clicking on your profile picture, then on account preferences.

Go to the billing tab, and there you will see your subscription details.

How to upgrade my Pipefy plan

Right below your current plan information, you'll find an upgrade button. Click on it to change your current plan to another plan and see available add-ons.

Select the desired option, and follow the instructions.

Cancel a subscription

If you no longer want to use Pipefy, click on cancel, and fill out the cancellation request form.

Change payment method

Click on edit (right next to your current payment method) and fill out the form.

Get invoices

Find your invoices right below the payment method. Click on download to get the file with detailed information about the payment.

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