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Pipefy is a subscription-based cloud process management software. To use it, create an account and select one of our plans, which can be billed monthly or annually. There are 4 options:

  • Starter: Free; intended for small teams, startups, freelancers, and students.

  • Business: Paid; intended for small and medium-sized companies that need to centralize and scale processes.

  • Enterprise: Paid; intended for companies with complex and integrated processes.

  • Unlimited: Paid and custom; intended for businesses needing unlimited power to build error-proof processes.

Paid plans are calculated according to the number of users, except for those with a guest permission level (company guests and external guests), which are not charged. It is not possible to add users as guests in the Starter plan.


You can add or delete people from your company's account at any time, and your plan amount will automatically update.

New users added to paid accounts will be billed at the time the member invite is sent, not when it is accepted by the user.

If you add a user before the end of the billing period, we will not charge you for the full month. Instead, you will be billed for that specific user on a pro-rated basis.

The same applies if you remove a user, the amount corresponding to the remaining time will be added to your account as a credit, which will be deducted from the next payment.

The credit is non-refundable and can be applied as a discount to active accounts.

We will track this information for you, and add these details to your bill at the end of the month.

📌 Attention: Pricing policies only apply to a company account. If you create another account for your company and add members to it, you will be billed separately for those members, even if you have already paid for them in another account.

New charges are generated automatically once a new member is invited to be a part of an instance with a paid plan, whether the user is already registered with Pipefy or not.

Monthly plans

As mentioned above, Pipefy prices are calculated by the number of users, except “guest users,” on a monthly basis.

Monthly plans automatically renew after the billing period, except in cases where the user cancels the subscription or requests cancellation 15 days before the renewal date.

You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time by contacting our team. However, it is important to note that payments are made in advance and we do not issue refunds for cancellations or downgrades of plans before the end of the billing period.

Annual plans

Pipefy's annual plans offer year-to-year access and a discount on top of the monthly plan values.

Like monthly plans, annual plans are paid in advance and automatically renewed each year, except in situations where the user requests cancellation 15 days before the auto-renewal date.

If you decide to cancel your plan or downgrade your account before the renewal date, refunds are not applicable.


To upgrade your plan, contact your CSM or reach out via our chat.


If you want, you can cancel your account completely, and you will stop being charged for the service. You can do this in 4 ways:

If you want to remove a company user, click on Members (in the header) and click on the X button right next to their name.

Once a user is deleted, you won't be charged for them, and any applicable credits will be added to your account as a discount to your next billing cycle.

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