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Transfer data from one pipe to another
Transfer data from one pipe to another

Use connections or automations to share information between processes.

Written by Bruna Griebeler
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There are 2 ways of transferring information from one pipe to another:

  1. Connecting pipes

  2. Automating new card creation

Use these tools to integrate processes, and keep your data always updated.


Connections allow you to access information from cards in other pipes while working on a process.

They also allow you to create a new card from a previous one, which we call a child card and a parent card.

Whenever you open a child card, you'll find the same information from the parent card.


This feature enables you to automate your process, replacing manual tasks. There are many kinds of automations in Pipefy — one of them is creating connected cards in different processes.

With this automation, they will also share information, but you must connect the pipes first to make it work.

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